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From the Desk of Chris Ramirez:

Listen, First things first - the 30 minutes day isn't because I'm a guru level player who outsources, has staff or knows magic to get the results I mentioned below!

It's because I HAD to learn how to make the best use of my limited time!

As mentioned, I'm a full time Chef in a busy Burger Joint, I work long and hard hours, get home tired worn out and exhausted, and still had more month left at the end of my money like so many people today!
I'm sure you work hard too and know what I'm talking about don't you?

If you keep reading I will show you how to avoid the pain of making money online with my exclusive hybrid system.

So in a nutshell - I needed something that would generate me an an EXTRA income each and every month, but didn't require hour after hour being stolen from my sleep!

To cut a long story short, I invested a couple of years of getting nowhere fast, but never gave up on my dreams. And eventually I started seeing some results.

Nothing to write about til now, and to be fair, I wasn't even sure about sharing the formula until after I spoke to one of my mentors.

I mean let's be frank and upfront here:

Everyone wants the dream of an extra 10k a month, to be able to give up their day job and live the internet lifestyle, and I figured no one would be interested in just making an extra few hundred a month, from 30 minutes a day!

But according to my coaches, they say a LOT of folks are just like me, Working long hours, getting home tired and worn out, and wishing for those extra few bucks to ease their stresses and pressures of life today.


He even convinced me that I'm qualified to teach what I've discovered, because of my Chef training. - I know how to break down a recipe, how to turn that into something delicious, appealing, and desired by others. How to do it all step by step from initial ingredients through to a plate of mouth watering delights.

So that's what he encouraged me to do.

Hence the first official products of my own, a simple guide to getting 100 + visitors every week, resulting in making sales and commissions every month.

So that my money actually lasts as long as the month instead of having more month left after the money has been spent!

And by using my skills and formula (recipes) as a chef, to break it all down step by step so anyone can duplicate the process.

Just like writing down a recipe for a friend, then actually showing them how to handle the pots and pans to make that perfect meal.

I'll show you exactly each and every step I took to get those visitors and sales of which you will see below this page.

That this really works PLUS Can and WILL work for you too..

Come join us as I lift up the veil and show you how YOU TOO can duplicate this Strategy and Scale UP what product or service you are currently promoting in the Make Money Online Industry with FB Groups!.. 😃

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Which means

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