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Lead Generation Tools:

*Leads CRM

Also known as "Leads Customer Relationships Manager".  This tool will help you sort where you are with any given lead you connect with on facebook™ to aid in building relationships by automating the time consuming process.  Meaning now you can keep track of where your prospects are in your pipeline with ease and build your business with confidence.

*Leads Manager

The Leads Manager is similar to a Trello Board where you can drag and drop your prospects from one part of your pipeline to the next meaning no more time consuming headaches because it takes out the guess work of manually having to keep track of what part of the follow up process you're at with your leads.

*Tags Manager

With the Tags Manager you will be able to keep everything organized when it comes to your leads being in a specific part of your pipeline as they come into your network.  With this being another time saving benefit in your business this would mean not having to deal with the confusion that comes with having to manually do the work and pulling your hair out of your head in the overwhelm of doing so. (Training in Video X of members area.)

*Bulk Message Panel

Using the Bulk Message Panel system after you create the tags as mentioned above will make it to where you can keep in contact with your leads in a straight forward organized fashion. It can do follow ups, welcome messages, introduction messages, etc. (What every you choose) when you assign the corresponding tags to each so that the message automation will trigger and go into their messenger inbox keeping the conversation going.  This would mean that you would build a deeper connection with your prospects increasing the chances of closing more sales.  (Video X in members area.)

Greeting Tools:

*Birthday Greeter

Remembers your prospect's birthday. This tool will compile all that are celebrating one and rotates multiple responses of your choosing which means that you will look amazing in their eyes when you make their day with a special message and birthday offer.

*Auto Greeter

Auto Greeter is a favorite amongst the beta testers.  With Auto Greeter your able to facebook™ message new friends and greet them without having to navigate manually to your recently added friends desktop tab on the chrome browser.  Additionally to that feature you are able to write a pre written message for the tool suite to automatically inject into the messages.  This is ANOTHER BIG TIME SAVER which means you can get back to being a bad ass in crushing your online business with ease with the hours you gain back! (Since life is so short.)

Engagement Manager:

*Engage Others

A secret to massive engagement on facebook™ is that in order to get massive engagement you 1st need to have friends that engage back in the first place and 2nd this tool to manage the daily, time eroding, and exhausting grind of engaging them back. It's "The Law Of Reciprocity" that CREATES MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT with this part of the formula!  More on that later. Which means (yet again) hours gained back in your life to focus on more important business tasks.

*Engagement Booster

The way Engagement Booster works is it switches between multiple created profiles, goes to a specific post you want to push out in the news feeds, and engages the post.  You can have multiple profiles plugged up to this function to influence the edgerank.  Edgerank is the name of the formula fb uses to determine if a post is popular or not. The more the edgerank is influenced the higher in the news feed your target post will be.  Which means more visibility and traffic.  

*Friendly Poster

With the Friendly Poster feature you are able to scrape profiles that self identify as needing a specific problem solved.  An example of this is lets say someone in your target niche makes a facebook™ post about a specific product or service they are offering and the engagement to that post is a bunch of them saying "Yes" or "Info" or what ever the response is along those lines of necessity.  It takes that data and records it to the tool suite so you can further engage with them in conversation using the times saving automation to help them solve their problem. (Video X goes in great detail on how it works.)

Friends Builder:

*Friends Seeker

Friends Seeker is just what it says the name implies, to seek out targeted friends using a keyword based system inside this part of the tool suite. How?  By simply  Going into "Settings" where the keywords are programmed into and next go to "Home" to view your targeted leads, vet the profile, and decide  to friend request them or not which means no more worrying where your targeted leads are hanging out. 

*Friends Manager

This feature can scan your entire friends list and add Tags to them in a systematic way via the "Friends" prompt similarly to the "Leads CRM" explained earlier.  The "Manager"

Group Manager:

*Tags Blaster

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*Group Ascender

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*Group Leads

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*Group Bulk Message Panel

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Content Sudio:

*RichGen (Unique Text Generator)

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*Post Scheduler Pro

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