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Additional copy template

Ex: What will i make? (Increase Dream Outcome)
Talk in terms of things your prospect believes will increase their status or (other), and you will have your prospects drooling.

Ex: How will i know its going to happen? (Increase Perceived Likelihood of Achievement)
Example: A graphic of a straight line from point A to point B vs a graphic with a distorted line to point A to point B.
Side Note: To increase value with all offers, we must communicate perceived likelihood of achievement through our messaging, proof, what we choose to include or exclude in our offer, and our guarantees.

Ex: How long will it take? (Decrease Time Delay)
Note: The thing that ppl buy is the long term value aka The Dream Outcome but that makes them stay long enough to get it is the short term experience. [What can I do to create a short win for the potential customer?]

Ex: What is expected of me? (Decrease Effort & Sacrifice)