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Revealed To You Will Be The EXACT Over The Shoulder Process To
Finding Highly Qualified BUYER Leads That Can Afford Your Stuff...

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The A.R.B.p. method revealed

The Simple 2 Centerpiece's That Must Be In Place In Your Group To Accelerate Authority With The A.R.B.P. Framework 

In this intensive coaching you will get

process to find the best lead sources

for free traffic so you are not wasting precious time in Bogus groups where spam fests occur

Content to conversions codex

So you can tap into your prospects deepest desires and be more relatable which means more visibility

weekly core group coaching zoom calls

So Your able to mastermind with other amazing humans to execute your unfair advantage and get ahead of the curve

DFY VIDEOS like you seen on the sales page

so you can borrow My AI Tool which means you save on the monthly fee of the tool for a one off investment

How to do all of the above

So you can be of more service to your target audience

for the tl;dr types heres a quick breakdown

Discover The 4 Steps To Make Every 1 In 6 Convert Into A Customer..

These are the elements to making this social media organic affiliate marketing game work described just below this page.

step 1) craft your offer

At the top of the list is the offer...

Create offers so good people would be stupid not to buy from you.  

Revealed to you will be how you go about value stacking by unpacking the offer you intend to promote.

Find what bonuses your offer has listed and make a big deal about those bonuses.

We'll show you "how-to" so you can make your 1st sales or increase your conversions.

step 2) start building your ecosystem

Your ecosystem is your community...

You will discover what entry questions to ask to ultra target your potential leads.

So you can discover their pain points which helps to drive your content ideas in your community.

Process revealed on how to create accelerated authority so you're able to condense your sales cycle to hours not months.

step 3) get visibility

Discover Hybrid Approach To Not Only Organic Audience Building Covered

Have revealed to you how you can leverage small launches to build your audience to then ascend them to mid or high ticket offers that are life changing for you and your family.

Launching is not what you think and with these strategies it takes small numbers as you would discover how to build the depth of connections in DM.

Don't wanna get visibility that way?  Fear not, inside this intensive we will also go over how you can build your buyer audience through the tried and true organic strategies.

step 4) make offers

Making Offers Is Vital

If you don't make offers you don't give yourself opportunities to make sales.

While the methods this intensive teaches does build rapid rapport and "Know, Like, Trust" it will all fall by the wayside if you do not let it be known you have an offer that solves your hot leads biggest pain points. 

Create Content That Converts

You will discover how to dissect your core offer's pain points it solves the then have it define the kind of content to create that speaks to your dream customer.  It can have your lead begging to give you money for your solution.

Master the Art of Persuasive Storytelling

Learn how to weave compelling narratives that resonate with your audience's needs and aspirations. By understanding the emotional journey of your dream customers, you can craft content that not only addresses their pain points but also inspires and motivates them. Elevate your content strategy from informative to transformative, creating a loyal community eager to invest in what you offer


"On-Call" Group Chat Support

“On-Call” coaching support for 60 days. (During business hours.) ​ You commit to this, you get a commitment back so you're able to hit the ground running to obliterate your income goals and make a positive impact for you and the ones you love.


Buyer Rolodex Builder

A process to compile your own buyer lead sources I have personally used in my business to generate leads on demand. ​ Imagine never having to worry about lead flow again.


DFY Social Graphics

Get the required graphics in place to have your brand stand out from the crowd so you can focus on your positioning and offer which means you take a shortcut to your desired results.


$2,891  VALUE  WITH  A

Elevate Your Experience with Our Core Coaching Access. Along with Your Purchase, You Get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Dedicated Support to Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction.

In Summary Of This Limited
Time Coaching

You get...

Over the Shoulder Process: Detailed guidance on finding qualified buyer leads that can afford your products.

A.R.B.P. Framework: A two-part system to accelerate authority and influence within your group.

Lead Source Process: Strategies to find the best sources for free traffic, avoiding unproductive groups.

Content to Conversions Codex: Techniques to create content that resonates deeply with prospects, enhancing visibility.

Weekly Core Group Coaching Calls: Opportunities to collaborate and mastermind with others for strategic advantage.

Four-Step Conversion Strategy: A plan to convert every 1 in 6 prospects into a customer.

On-Call Group Chat Support: 60 days of coaching support, valued at $1,797.

Buyer Rolodex Builder: A method to create a personal buyer lead source, valued at $797.

DFY Social Graphics: Graphics to enhance brand visibility and positioning, valued at $297.

Instant Approval As An Affiliate: The opportunity to earn 100% commissions on products and up to 50% across the rest of the funnel, along with substantial paydays.

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