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"Building A Thriving Customer Community: Insider Tips For Newbies and Advance Affiliates"

Included in the product

How to get people to your group

Not just anyone but targeted folks to your community so you can build lasting relationships which means repeat long term customers and satisfaction

how to do organic marketing

So you can cater to your ideal client's deepest desires to empower and uplift so you're able to facilitate your customer acquisition Process in record time which means consistent cash flow 

How to unlock the messenger money method

so you can decipher who is serious and who are the tire kickers meaning less time spent in messenger so you can cut to the chase which means predictable lead flow and affiliate income

How to do all of the above

So you can be of more service to your target audience so you're able to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor which means an overall depth of connections and a results driven business

Imagine Having A High Performing Conversion Process
So You're Able To Close More Sales

From the Desk of Christopher Ramirez:

First off I am not some guru playing at a high level that outsources everything.  I am a cook that works long hours coming home from work exhausted and still finding time to beat my head against the wall trying to figure this affiliate marketing game out.

I'm sure you can relate with your current profession or a job that you hate or a boss you despise..

If you keep reading I will show you how to avoid the pain of making money online with my exclusive new and improved customer siphoning system.

Back to the story that brought us to this point.

As I was saying;

I was a screw up for the longest time coming into this game after developing FB Affiliate Influencer  (FBAI 1.0 for short) being the person that just could not seem to get things right even though the 1st version managed to bring some odd 200+ sales in the span of many many months (Nothing truly life changing but a glimmer of hope).  

Working as a cook at a restaurant while driving weekly sales messing up royally because the customer relationships was so short lived to not long after pivoting, developing, and launching FBAI 2.0 with affiliates.

While version 1 seem to have promise being that the sales that where made without the presents of affiliates, all done organically, 2.0 was just some updates and repurposes of content from the 1st version to the 2nd version.

Still acting foolish with even version 2.0 it did manage to bring in 82 students during launch week with a combined (including upsells) of 184 sales made in 7 days, not months excluding a couple grand generated in the back end.  So still doing all the wrong things after the launch it was only 1 month and 28 days later that the benefit of going live with affiliates dried up.  

(Note: This is still a proven way to generate a full time income BUT the Launch/Reciprocation model hamster wheel 🐹𐃏 can be trying. If an affiliate brought you here it's because they know this works and would like to help you succeed..)

Where was I?  ..  Oh yes .. Continuing on....

Was I turning into a "Churn and Burn"?  No way I could let this fly.

So invested into 2 high ticket coaching programs [YOU KNOW, BECAUSE THAT WHAT A SERIOUS ENTREPRENEUR IS SUPPOSE TO DO IF THEY ARE SERIOUS] being the screw up I was.  

After the absorb and action of the teachings now it is time for you to discovered how YOU can truly benefit from FB Affiliate Influencer 3.0, under the guidance of new mentorship, completely disassembling and reassembling the system to true social organic marketing leveraging groups in a cohesive way. 

To begin to see results generate more effortlessly with the absence of that good ole "Hope Marketing 🤞🏼" on weak traffic that barely converts..

You will discover how to find qualified buyers with a proven conversion method and be able to grow your facebook™️ group with raving fans that love you and continue to repeat buy from you in record time because of the depth of the relationships you build with your prospects!

How is this possible you may be asking yourself?

Well, in the training we go over how you can benefit with the proven processes to proactive audience building and driving those leads to your community is as little as 3 messages.  

Once the traffic joins your community the magic starts to happen in the 3 question intelligence gathering phase upon entry.  It's in those questions you will find the answers that will fuel your content as they tell you their pain points.

You having that kind of intel makes you more relatable with your audience as you will know what makes them tick.

So join us as I reveal to you the proven process to having lasting affiliate success!

Introducing FB Affiliate Influencer 3.0

Unlock The Code To Raving Fans With Social Organics

Cost-effective way to reach target audience
Provides an opportunity to build a community around your brand
Helps to increase brand visibility

Can Apply To Multiple Niches

Boosts website traffic
Facilitates engagement with potential customers
Allows for direct communication with customers

Discover The Messenger Money Method

Helps to establish credibility and trust with customers
Helps to increase brand awareness
Provides an opportunity to showcase products and services

Unlock The Formula To Affiliate Commissions With Organics

Allows for targeted advertising to specific audiences
Helps to build relationships with customers
Provides an opportunity to receive customer feedback

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Helps to increase customer loyalty
Can lead to increased sales
Facilitates customer retention

Build Deeper Connections With Your Leads

Provides an opportunity to showcase company culture
Facilitates user-generated content
Can lead to increased referrals

Build A List Without An Opt-In Form

Can lead to increased partnerships and collaborations
Helps to differentiate your brand from competitors
Can lead to increased customer satisfaction

Be The Leading Authority

Can lead to increased website conversions
Can lead to increased customer lifetime value
Facilitates audience engagement

Develop A Brand People Will Recognize

Helps to increase customer advocacy
Can lead to increased brand recognition
Helps to increase customer acquisition

Build Extreme Social Proof

Helps to increase brand equity
Helps to increase social proof
Helps to establish a competitive advantage


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Just Take It From Our Other Students That Got A Taste Of The New Approach

The Holy Grail Of FB Organics

that will empower you to find where your ideal customer is hanging out, how to approach them, and what to say in your group content so you can have them throwing their wallet at you .. 

You're A Few Clicks Away

from getting in on the goods that will change your view on organic marketing using groups as your vessel so you're able to tell the boss "Sayonara" ..


($197 Value)

Our training comes loaded with these bonuses included...

you will have the curtain lifted
to discover The Playbook for
always giving yourself a raise
with FB Marketplace products
to flip on™

✅No Monthly Paid Tools Required.

✅No Selling. Amazon Sells It For You On The Free Account.

✅No Shortage Of Inventory With The Blueprint To Source Like A Ninja With FB Marketplace, Ebay, And Craigslist.

✅No More Scratching Your Head With Zero Commissions To Show For.

✅This Is Straight To The Money. Straight To The Buyers.


($97 Value)

An ongoing case study
with a sibling. In this
case study you will get

✅Multi Niche Case Study

✅Method On How To Find Evergreen Keywords

✅Method On How To Stimulate The Algorithm For Rankings

..So you can get more conversions.


($147 Value)

Did you know that reels on IG and the Facey are giving you free traffic ? (Shorts too)

In this tutorial you will get:

✅How To Call Out To Your Customer Avatar

✅Motivation To Get Off Your Butt And BLITZ Content

✅A Rush Of Profile Views That Engage Your Reels

✅How To Turn Those Reels To Conversions

.. Join the #reelsblitz challenge.



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