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The easiest way to monetize a single fb group via a free traffic method that builds rapid "know, like, trust" with A target audience compressing the sales cycle down to hours! 
Not days, weeks, or months!

Product and funnel details

Your customers can solve their traffic and conversion problem with our battle tested method To learn how to influence the algo with 

Messenger Money Method: Your customers will unlock strategies to identify serious prospects and filter out the rest, optimizing their time spent in messenger for predictable lead flow and consistent affiliate income.
Community Building: Your customers will get a dive deep into building a thriving customer community with insider tips tailored for both newbies and advanced affiliates, ensuring a results-driven business with deep connections.
A.I. Tools and Tactics: We put the A.I. in FBAI3 with actual A.I. being leveraged.  A potent mix your customers will discover as one of the things I show them out of the many things is how they can teach it to write how they speak using my "Sparks Method".  Not only that but they also get a growing list of other useful A.I. tools to aid in their quest for greatness.

FBAI3  (The social am Codexx)  affiliates  will  earn  100%  on  the  front end  and  50%  on  the  rest  of  the  funnel!

Checkout Why FBAI 3.0 is GREAT For Affiliates:

$12.95 - FBAI 3.0  - This is a truly AMAZING offer, jam packed with the goods on what has been working for us using a single group. 

$27 (order bump) - Massive Engagement Method This is The very same strategy we've used to Completely Crush Social Engagement PLUS Post Scripts & 100k GPT prompts bonus $297 Value

$300 (upsell) - Premium Coaching Package PLUS ALL PREMIUM BONUSES of Group Chat Support - $1,797 Value, DFY Social Graphics - $297 Value, Buyer Rolodex Builder - $797 Value

$197 (downsell) - Premium Coaching Package MINUS SOME PREMIUM BONUSES only having access to DFY Social Graphics - $297 Value, Buyer Rolodex Builder - $797 Value

$97 (downsell) - Premium Coaching Package MINUS ALL PREMIUM BONUS  Only access to the members area.  No coaching.

That's Over $164 Per Customer in Commissions!!

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$300 in Cash Prizes to be won! To qualify must bring in close or equal to the prize in revenue:
(note: if you are very, very, very close to the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize winnings qualification i will honor the prize)




Rules Of Engagement;

No solo ads.

No spamming in spam groups.

No using negative keywords in your
review video promotion.

Get caught, your revoked from promoting.

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Do We Reciprocate?
Depending on the offer YES WE DO

Please note that WE ARE NOT OBLIGATED to promote if the product does not
sit right with me or does not make any sense to mail to my audience.  

We would like affiliates to promote because they want to if it's a good fit for their
not because they think they are entitled to a 100% reciprocal in return.  

Now if the product makes sense and you have an offer that converts, congruent & delivers
great value (KEY PHRASE)
 and is reasonably priced, only then can we return the favor for you.

Just look at our previous results:

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